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Our Environmental Commitment

Our Victoria hotel is committed to programs and best practices that support our hotel associates, the environment and our local community. We are proud to have been awarded Four Green Keys from the Hotel Association of Canada's environmental performance program. This award is defined as a property that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. The Hotel has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, guests, and the public and which have shown substantial and measurable results. We are always researching new methods or technologies to help us continue to reduce our eco-footprint. View the "green actions" we're committed to and learn about ways you can help during your next visit to the Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites.

Planning a greener trip just got easier in Victoria. Harbour Towers has achieved Silver level status in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program. This recognition is based on our engagement in environmentally-friendly practices like recycling and composting, solar panel and electric car charging station implementation, and green roofing.

Below is a chart outlining the different areas in which our efforts helped reduce our eco-footprint in 2010. In order to measure our impact year over year we work with an external company to audit our hotel’s waste and recycling services. With the help of our hotel associates and guests, in the last year we’ve implemented new strategies in our hotel to continue to decrease the impact our business operations has on the environment. We are striving toward an even greener future and look forward to sharing our future audits with you.

What are we doing to help?

  • We educate our guests and business partners on the subject to encourage them to do their part.
  • Our guest rooms have low flow shower heads and toilets to conserve water.
  • We have a linen reuse program to conserve energy and water consumption.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are purchased in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • For guest transportation, we use a mini van that is fuel efficient for guest transportation to reduce fuel emissions.
  • We have a compost program for Kitchen scraps and other organic materials.
  • Our guest rooms, public areas and offices feature energy-efficient light bulbs to conserve energy.
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum to reduce the amount of landfill waste. Recycling bins are found in all of our guestrooms, offices, meeting rooms and in public areas of the hotel.
  • We print on 30% post-consumer recycled paper to saves trees, energy, water and landfill space.
  • We work with printers that support environmental sustainability in order to develop eco-friendly materials for our customers.
  • We recycle photocopier and printer cartridges and use recycled cartridges.
  • Our offices and public Business Centre use printers and copiers that are energy star certified and therefore meet strict energy efficiency guidelines .
  • We use non-toxic markers and white boards whenever possible. If our customers prefer paper flip charts we use recyclable newsprint with recycled content.
  • We use bulk dispensers for sugar, salt, pepper, cream and other condiments to eliminate packaging whenever possible.
  • We use biodegradable take-out containers in our hotel restaurant, Vic's Steakhouse & Bar.
  • We are a 100% smoke-free building.

How can meeting and event organizers help?

  • When purchasing gifts for participants, consider environmentally friendly products with recycled content or items made by local artisans or invest in an eco-friendly project. We're happy to provide suggestions.
  • Rather than printing the conference material, burn it to a CD or USB key, post it on a web site or email it to participants.
  • Print the conference/registration package and any other required documentation on recycled paper and print double sided.
  • Give your participants reusable coffee mugs at the start of the conference.
  • Give your participants information on nature based activities or walking trails in the area.
  • Organize vans or carpooling for conference participants.
  • Local attendees can utilize bicycle parking.
  • Send an email explaining to the participants what actions are being taken to make the event green.
  • One of only three hotels in the Victoria area to achieve 4 Green Key Meeting status.

Together, we can make a difference.

Click here to view our Green Key Meeting Certificate.